Easy + Healthy 30 Min Power Bowl Recipe

I’m in love with the science of good nutrition. Not only because of my health and fitness goals, but because food is fuel. I need to make sure that what I’m putting in my body is going to work for me and not against me. Eating healthy shouldn’t be seen as a chore, but a way of life because you matter.

If you are trying to build a healthy meal planning menu for your household or just trying to eat healthier puh-lease utilize Google and Pinterest! I’m always on the hunt for healthy meals that I can add to my meal planning regimen. I’m new to Pinterest and have boards dedicated to nutrition and meal planning ideas. You can follow me here.

I always feel fabulous when I throw together a healthy meal without a recipe and go “hey, that’s pretty good!” I didn’t grow up learning how to cook, although I’ve always had an appreciation for it. At one point in my life, I swore that I would become a chef and open up my own restaurant! That was the young entrepreneur inside of me speaking ;).  I admit, I’m not one that automatically knows which spices go with which. Whenever I watch Chopped Junior, I always envy the little rugrats that can conceive a gourmet meal at a moments notice. I want to yell at the TV, teach my thy ways young ones! 

Anyway, I can only work with the talents I’ve got. Once I find a healthy recipe that fits my needs, I will create it over and over again. This bowl was inspired by my love for Chipotle. Now, nothing comes close, but I can’t spend the $7 daily on their bowls, and that’s if I don’t add the guac…

Free chipotle anyone? Count me in! Otherwise, I’m on a tight budget, and need something that will fill me up and give me those Chipotle feels for less money. Now, this isn’t a Chipotle bowl, mainly because I don’t add peppers or cilantro lime flavors. I call this a Power Bowl that has everything from complex carbs, healthy fats, proteins and good ol’ veggies! I’ve been experimenting with this bowl and found it to be a good one that I must share with ya’ll.

I don’t like to spend hours in the kitchen. I mean, I can build up the stamina for a big holiday or something special, but on a daily basis ain’t nobody got time for that! I like to keep my meal prep to under and hour. This bowl only has a 30 minute cook time from start to finish.

Remember those 30 minute meals by Rachel Ray? That was my show back in the day! I loved her easy + healthy recipes that don’t take any effort and barely any time. If you are looking for a healthy recipe that can turn into an instant favorite, look no further.

Please share and enjoy! 🙂

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  1. Thank you for this recipe. It is so versatile and adaptable to whatever your looking to achieve. My son has me on a hunt for recipes that have rice, chicken and veggies as he is looking to put on some weight. I have added this one to his recipe book!!

  2. I love the addition of the beets to this power bowl! I’m a huge fan of beets. Never thought of adding it to one of my bowls, but you’ve inspired me to get a little more creative in my bowl making!

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