Healthy Oatmeal Recipe Ft. Coffee

Having oatmeal in the morning is a sure way to start your day on the right foot, but have you ever thought about mixing it with coffee? Ideally, you want an oatmeal recipe that is actually healthy and will keep you faithfully coming back for more. 

I’ve gotta admit, I have a love-hate relationship with oatmeal. I’ve never been a fan of it until I became a working adult and needed a reliable go-to healthy breakfast that would keep me going until lunch time.

Scratch that. I’m still not a huge fan.

Here are the ways I don’t like to eat oatmeal.

  1. When someone uses old fashion oats. OMG I hate this so much! I always come across those pesky hulls and it throws off my oatmeal vibe.
  2. Oatmeal + water. I wish I liked to cook oatmeal this way because it would save me a bit of money, but it’s just so nasty to me guys. Ain’t nobody got time for watered down oatmeal.
  3. Using butter + sugar. This is seriously one of the worst ways to eat oatmeal and exactly how I grew up eating it too. That’s like eating candy apples all the time because of the apple underneath. You foolin’ yourself.

I’ve been trying to have a good relationship with oatmeal, but it seems to be failing me. I keep pushing for this relationship because oatmeal is so good for us to eat nutritionally. Check out all of the health benefits here. Besides that, it’s like one of the easiest breakfast foods to make on the planet.

Granted, I still have a few oatmeal recipes I want to explore such as the overnight oats craze. I will definitely be trying my hand at recreating these healthy oatmeal recipes from Kath over at KARF.

Lately, I’ve been feeling like I’ve tried every oatmeal recipe under the sun. Plus, I’m on a tight budget and can only use ingredients I have in the house right now, which isn’t much for a good tasting oatmeal recipe to say the least.

It never crossed my mind to add coffee to my oatmeal until I was running late last week and needed my caffeine + breakfast like yesterday. I panicked in a hurry and did something I thought I would never do – combined them.

After throwing together my new little creation, I stared at my bowl with disgust. What did I just do? Was this even a thing?

My very first spoonful went a little something like this…

To my surprise, it was actually really good. The best part was that I enjoyed both being full and the boost of energy all without having to chug down a coffee later. #winning

I did a quick google search later that day and apparently it’s a thing, but just not a super popular discovery.

After making it a few more times, I finally figured out the secret sauce on how you can recreate this filling-fast-easy-cheap-healthy-good-complex-carb-on-the-go oatmeal recipe with the added boost of caffeine for energy.

If you try this healthy oatmeal recipe, tag me in your pic on the gram with my username @pineapplesandhealth. I would love to see your creations 🙂

Bon appetite!

Here is the oatmeal recipe

Prep Time: 5 Min


1/2 cup Quick Oats.

1 cup of milk. I use 1% or almond milk. If you rather go dairy free, or if you don’t like milk, just use water! This is how I made it the first time.

1/4 cup of raisins. Or other fruit toping if you prefer. I’ve also tried bananas and dried cranberries. They are great!

1 tbsp instant coffee.

A dash (or more) of cinnamon and or honey. You can also use a few dashes of Stevia for sweetness if desired.

Optional: 1/4 cup chopped nuts or granola. 

The Steps 

  1. Pour milk in microwave safe mug and heat in the microwave for 2 minutes.
  2. While milk is heating, prepare oats and set aside in a bowl or mason jar.
  3. Pour instant coffee into milk + stir.
  4. Pour coffee mixture into bowl + stir.
  5. Top with cinnamon + raisins or other varieties mentioned above.

Viola! Another fast + filling oatmeal recipe.

*I added a flavored creamer to my coffee one day and it just made the oatmeal much sweeter. This is not a healthy alternative. Definitly not ideal for everyday oatmeal eating because #fitnessgoals #nutritiongoals but not a bad thing if you feel like you deserve a bit of an indulgence 😉


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