I Just Ate Something Healthy and Now Crave Junk Food

It was 2pm and I was running on coffee and a breakfast sandwich. The hunger began to hit me hard.  I decided to have one of my go-to lunch/dinner meals.

  • Asparagus (protein)
  • Chicken  (protein)
  • Rice (carb)
  • Seasonings/Herbs (flavor)
  • Olive Oil to pan fry proteins (fat)

Easy. Cheap. Satisfying. Wholesome. 

Started to feel thankful that I didn’t get pulled into any junk food cravings.

Just the way I like to roll. I smiled so much as I ate each savory bite because I knew my body was gonna thank me for it.

I finished the plate. I even washed my plate immediately after.

“Dang Kateria, good job making good choices + being all productive and healthy.”

I drank a tall glass of water. Back to my day. Then it hit me.

My tummy rumbles.


Was that a rumble??? It must have just been a burp. Eating healthy is so satisfying for the soul. Bodies just react this way when they are happy. You start to feel your body awaken as if it’s just been in a deep sleep…*rumble*

Yes, it is the tummy. Hmm…what can I eat?

Oh God what am I saying? I just ate! Why am I thinking about food again? Okay, hunger is just a sign of thirst most of the time so let me drink some more water. That caffeine from earlier must have me dehydrated.

Alright. Feeling better. Worked like a charm.


45 min later

*Creeps into kitchen*

I could really use some junk food. Pizza. Cheese….

*Opens fridge eyeing the last bit of whipped cream left over from Thanksgiving*

I mean, it’s not supposed to be in the house anyway and I should just go ahead and finish this off so there is no further harm done in the future. Am I right, or am I right?

*Finishes whipped cream*

Mmmmm satisfying, and now no more junk food in the house!

15 min later

I’m so hungry. I feel like I didn’t eat a thing just under an hour ago. This is ridiculous. I’ve eaten the same meal many times and I hardly feel this way. I just want junk food. Pizza. With cheese….dang, I should just go for it, I mean since I’m craving it right?

Well, sort of.


Balance is key.

Enjoy the foods and treats that make you happy or are convenient for you because we only have one life to live. You better make it a memorable one! A large majority of your memories on Earth will involve food so stressing over your eating habits, feeling shameful after eating something or having a bad relationship with food just creates an unnecessary burden in your life.

Food is fuel and is a preventative medicine for our bodies.

Food has the power to change our moods and increase/decrease our health and wellbeing.

These are just straight up facts.

Yes. I want my food to fuel me.

Yes. I want to increase my overall health and wellbeing.

Yes. I choose to eat a whole foods diet the majority of the time.

Did I go eat pizza/junk food?

No. I ate a few meals and treats that were not on my meal plan last week so I needed to balance things out by not giving into this craving. Do I still want pizza? Heck yeah! My fitness goals just mean so much more to me. When I have a large craving for junk food like this, I try to look for a special day on my calendar when I can schedule to eat it next. I have an event next Saturday in the community so I know I can indulge with a pizza then.

Was I still hungry? Yes! I ate another plate of food shortly after with some more chicken, veggies and rice. Did this help? Unfortunately only for a short time. I usually start to feel this intense hunger cycle during my time of the month. This is totally normal since your body is working even harder to get that special job done. Your body naturally burns more calories and you’re supposed to eat a little more to stay satisfied. When it happens during another time there is a really cool reason for it!

Did you know… 

Food cravings are your brains way of telling you that you are experiencing a form of malnutrition? You are not getting the vitamins and minerals you need via diet and craving foods with these items inside of them instead. We usually resort to junk food because they are more satisfying to our brains because of the pleasure tied to them. We really only crave junk food because of #additives #sugars and #artificial flavors that cause addictions. This usually leads to a cycle of eating even more, feeling hungrier and eventually over eating.

You can also have an emotional tie to certain foods. Sugar cravings when really stressed anyone?

There are also just plain and simple unhealthy habits practiced over the years such as eating junk food every weekend. Of course your body is gonna crave junk food all the time. That’s what you’re giving it! 

In the beginning of my post did you catch that I was running on a small breakfast sandwich and a cup of coffee? That’s not enough food for a girl with growing muscles and a changing body that needs food!

I did some snooping online and found this nifty chart you can reference if you are curious about what certain cravings mean for your body.


Photocredit: TheVeggieGirl.com

Another fun fact is that you can eventually get rid of your food cravings if your body is consistently getting the nutrients it needs from the foods you eat in your diet. Your taste buds and brain can be trained to like the foods you consistently give it. When you follow a diet rich in whole foods and eating enough times in the day, your body will rarely get food cravings. Pretty sweet!

I’m looking forward to getting to that place one day because the struggle with junk food cravings is real!

Until that time, I will be staying educated about my food cravings and can only make the best choices I can with what I have.

You should too.



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