My Truth About Working Out

I am too hard on myself.

When I just can’t make it to the gym.

When working out seems like a chore.

When I don’t feel like being active.

When I don’t see my body changing.

When I’m more comfortable lifting less weight than I was a few months ago.

When I eat something not on my nutrition plan.

When I don’t take the time to effectively recover.

When I don’t make muscle-mind connections.

When I don’t push myself to do enough cardio.

When I don’t love where I am physically.

When I know I have the potential to be more athletic.

When I have the knowledge of something but don’t use it.

When I have the drive and the energy to get physical one day but then change my mind.

When I make excuses for why I’m not able to do something “yet.”

When I start to doubt why I even started.

Heck yeah. I am human. Just part of the journey yo.

My working out journey started out of passion and hunger.

Hunger for achieving a physical state that I can be proud of.

Passion for wanting to reach my greatest potential.

If you didn’t know, I am a huge Tony Robbins fan and in the beginning of the year, I purchased one of his best sellers Awaken the Giant Within.  He was glaring at me with his knowing eyes across the bookstore telling me “you need this in your life…” and I couldn’t resist. Almost a year later, I’m glad I bought it. I believe this book will always be one that I reference for the rest of my life. I was born in 1992 when it came out, so who knew it would be super relevant to a young gal like me!? 😉 I’m constantly changed by his words and often find myself using his advice in the book in the realm of working out.


I often turn to page 39 which has one of my favorite lines in the book. A simple, yet powerful line that reads:

Making a true decision means committing to achieving a result, and then cutting yourself off from any other possibility.


I’m being vulnerable with the world because it allows me to keep challenging myself. I have to go back to this quote often because when I have thoughts in my head like the ones above I remind myself that I can no longer just quit working out. That’s not an option for me anymore. I did that plenty of times in the past and I was sick of the excuses I made for myself. In the end nothing changed in my life.

Working out is so more to me than sweating for a certain number of minutes during the day. It is the source of my creative juices, my ability to become more one with myself, the push I need to show more passion in life and get stuff done. It allows me to open myself up more to the world. It allows me to think more positively about my future years on this great planet. Not to mention, working out significantly lowers my chances of being plagued by something avoidable. It allows me to love and be loved and this is such a precious gift.

I am still too hard on myself.

One day, I hope to rid myself of the guilt I feel when I don’t rise to my own expectations. Through working out I’ve realized that I can only be kinder to myself.

Today marks the first of the last month of the year. During this time of year, my emotions are at an all time high since the end of the year brings about an obsession with constant reflection.

Where was I during this time last year? 

Did I grow at all this year? 

Where can I be next year this time? 

Why have I not grown in this stinkin’ area yet!? 

I just want 2017 to be bangin’!!                     

 Joy to the world?

Lol hardly.

Here is a more positive solution to the potentially negative re-evaluation of yourself that the end of the year brings. 

  1. Pick one area in your life that you know without a doubt you committed to this year and actually did. It doesn’t have to be about working out, but I would challenge you to find something health and fitness related.
  2. Applaud yourself no matter how big or small it may seem to others. You did it!!! If I could, I would send you a personalized medal 😉
  3. Look back at physical evidence of this accomplishment. C’mon you have something documented somewhere. Humans innately do this all the time even subconsciously. Don’t ask me why, I don’t know! 
  4. Share your accomplishment with a confidant. Someone you know who will continue to push you to reach even more of your goals into the new year. If you don’t have anyone, holla at me here. This is my passion in life and is a reason why I do what I do 🙂

Alright, here is my accomplishment 🙂 In July, I began the commitment to my health and fitness and working out consistently. I had no idea that I could track “check-ins” I’ve made at my gym until recently. Before this summer, I probably worked out a total of 10 times within the past year, mostly out of guilt! I had a gym membership that cost about $70 a month (for two people) and wasted all that money not even going. Ouch. This was such a nice surprise to open the app and see the % at the top actually increase!!!

*Whew* what a motivation this is! 

Progress is progress. No matter how slow. No matter how many times you fall off. It is better than nothing at all. You are still working out and that is all that matters.

August 2016: The first week I was moving into a new condo and had canceled my old gym membership since there wasn’t a location close enough to me anymore. Huge bummer since it was open 24 hours and I loved this concept! Overall, a 29% commitment rate, as I like to call it. I was working out on an average of 3 times a week. A really great start!


September 2016: I guess my favorite days to workout were Mondays and Saturdays this month. Was I scared of Tuesdays and Fridays? lol Overall, 37% commitment rate and still working out on an average of 3 times a week. Sweet!



October 2016: I see a teeter totter pattern here. The beginning of the month was looking very dry. Can’t put my finger on what was up. The end of the month I was killin’ it! Overall, a 45% commitment rate.


November: They say never miss a Monday but I guess I didn’t get the memo yet! Hitting my 3 times a week average more consistently and big claps for those consistently working out during Thanksgiving weekend! Overall, a 47% commitment rate.



I’m looking forward to what commitment rate December will bring out of me. I’m bringing on the fire!

2016 is almost over, I can’t believe it! What are you excited for this month?



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