My Garbage Lunges

Hi I’m Kateria. When I do lunges I feel awkward, uncomfortable, shaky and feel like toppling over.

AKA my lunges are #garbageAF.


I’ve been running away from incorporating lunges into my exercise routine, but I’m determined more than ever to conquer this exercise because I’m on a journey to get those sexy legs that I want 😉 

Add in past knee/ankle pain and injury – it’s just been a recipe for disaster.

Trying not to prevent any further injury to myself has been the reason they’ve been MIA from my leg routine but that’s something I’ve been saying for years now so at this point, it’s just an excuse.

Both walking and stationary lunges are tough for me and this is what I will be focusing on perfecting. The biggest issue is I have a very hard time keeping my balance and need to find ways to work on that. I did some research and there is a strong possibility that one of my legs may be stronger than the other adding to the instability that I feel when doing the exercise. I also have weak hammies since I’m quad dominant and need to work on building them up to help with my lunges.

I obviously have knee issues, ankle issues in my right leg with the edema and core instability. 

I’m going to be focusing on improving my lunges for the next 30 days in my own little rehab program which I started Friday November 18th! It’s already been two days and feeling more confident, but still have a long way to go!

Lord, bless me.


But happy tears since hopefully in 30 days I hope to see a significant improvement!

Alright, now back to the basics! Here are my personal notes 🙂

Lunges Muscle Groups

Hamstings, Glutes, Adductors, Core, Quads

Additions to Walking/Stationary Lunges

– Glute Bridges
– Donkey Kicks
– Core exercises
– Curtsey Lunges
– Bulgarian Split Squats

– Working on balance (AKA very similar to core exercises. Stronger core = better balance)


Keep In Mind

– Take a long enough step forward

– Keep spine slightly curved forward for stationary + keep leg almost straight back barely bending to keep pressure off knee as to not increase pain and work those glutes > quads

– Keep spine straight doing all other lunges + Bulgarian split squats

– Push front heel through the ground when rising up

– Make sure front knee doesn’t go past toes

– Hold onto something for added support with balance but allow let muscles to do the work



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