How To Just Do It

Wave your left hand. Just do it.

Now cover your left eye. Just do it.

Now cover your right eye. Just do it.

Now cover both eyes. Just do it.

Now smile. Bigger. Bigger! Just do it.

The biggest smile you’ve ever smiled. Just do it. 

Did your eyes move???

I didn’t tell you to move your eyes did I???

But you did.

You found a way to smile the biggest smile you’ve ever smiled.

In the only way you knew how.

You compensated.

You did what you had to do.

You just did it.

Now go out into the world and just DO that one fitness thing you were afraid to do this week.

Maybe it was running that 1 mile.

Doing 5 push-ups in a row.

Actually using your gym membership.

Starting that workout class.

Talking that walk around the block.

Whatever you choose, you don’t have to choose to do it alone. If you must, just know that you’re even more of a badass.

Take a picture. Record your victory. You are going to need these physical memories for there will be downfalls. You are never alone. 

If you need a pep talk, just repeat this exercise and remember that just as easily as you made that smile happen, you can take Nike’s advice.

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