How Exercising Helped Me Find Direction

I took an intentional mini break from my writing to pursue a part time job that I ended up not fitting in with my lifestyle. I was lucky that it was strictly freelance so moving on wasn’t an issue. I took this job as a way to help support myself and make extra money, but I learned that at the end of the day money won’t bring the happiness or flexibility I desired. Every opportunity is a lesson learned! 

I truly believe that being dedicated to exercising regularly is far more beneficial for me mentally than the results I see with my physical body. When I lift, I’m allowing myself to get out of my own head and get clear on what I truly want for myself and the rest of my life. Yes, I’m the girl that thinks about this stuff daily. I’m the girl that wakes up each day and goes to bed each night with a head full of goals that I’m ready to accomplish.

I’ve always been that person that carefully thinks about everything before jumping in and making decisions and I can use the 40 or so minutes I dedicate in the gym daily to do just that. At this point in my life, although not where I want to be and definitely not perfect, I feel like I’m finally leading the life that I want to live because my goals excite me. Exercising effectively comes down to the big question surrounding your goals. If you don’t have any, what are you working towards? Goals are the foundation to get what you want out of life.

Keep working towards your goals, no matter where you are at this point is part of your journey. We all love a great story with strong character development, an interesting plot and a few unexpected turns. Since you are still a living and breathing being this is what you bring to the table believe it or not. 🙂

women-1620928_1920Re-evaluating my fitness goals this week has been tough. At this point, I’m at a place where I felt like I wasn’t seeing a significant amount of progress to keep me going. Now, I could totally say things like “you can always eat better” or “you could always exercise more days out of the week” but why go through a cycle of beating myself up? I’m way too good at this and learning to be mindful of the fact that we tend to be much harder on ourselves than what we deserve.

To be honest, I’ve been working really hard and proud of myself! I’ve never been as dedicated to my fitness as I am now and being open and authentic about my true thoughts on this journey is super important to me. There is always something that we could do more of or can be better at but the fact that you even “do” anything is something to be proud of.

At 23, I’ve been thinking about the year coming to a close, my upcoming birthday, the new year rolling in and what I envision for my life next.

I believe in sharing your personal vision only with people that you know truly believe in you and can support you. I plan to share vision on this blog when I’m actually in the midst of them and have a story to tell 😉

I know for certain that a I have to make a huge decision regarding my career next week and I’m super excited for added direction and clarity that exercise brings. Within the next year my life will be completely different based on this one decision and that’s wild to me.

Career Goals:


Pursuit of my personal passions

Healthy and fit

SIDE NOTE: I downloaded the Headspace App to push myself toward even more mental clarity recently and will do a review later when I make it through 10 days of using it. I’ve been meaning to do some sort of guided meditation and I’ve heard great things about this. If you’ve used it or want to download it now to try it with me, update me with an email or comment and let me know how you like it!

COMING UP: For the next few weeks I’ll be looking to spice up my workout routine. I’ve been getting bored with my workouts and looking for a new plan to help mix things up. I’ll most likely be utilizing a free plan from or just watch videos on YouTube and Instagram and use workouts people post. #forthefree 😊


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