Inside The Mind Of A Fitness Addict

The people with the biggest problems are addicted to fitness. That’s right, I’m coming clean. Let me tell you a little story…

About three years ago I stepped into a weight room for the first time. I lifted some weights and it was hard. I did cardio right after and I was done. I told myself that this whole “working out” thing was not for me and I rather just play an organized sport (how backwards.) Lol 😂

I was told to try weight lifting again, and I did. This time I had a very rough day. My emotions were out of wack and I thought the workout on this day was going to be complete trash. Come to find out, it was one of the best workouts I ever. I felt whole and peaceful and for those 40 minutes I actually felt okay.

I went back time after time, especially when I had negative vibes to get that insane fix. I began to crave that feeling of relaxation and peace and I knew exactly how to get it.
I’m blessed to say that my personal issues drove me to find peace through fitness. To me, finding fitness is not picking up a weight and curling or jumping on a treadmill. Finding fitness is about looking your personal struggles and issues dead on and realizing that somehow fitness is the missing piece.


It’s amazing what a good boost of endorphins does for the body. It strips away your old mentality and helps you rebuild a new one. Finding fitness at its core is not just about looking better than people your age. It’s about finding yourself and opening up to another world of mirrors and constant self reflection.

Every rep, every muscle fiber torn, is the foundation for a new birth. In the most literal sense I could say being fitness minded gives me life. When you have a fitness mentality it’s not just a sweat session. It’s not just doctors orders. It’s your livelihood. It’s that friend you want to grow close with because they make you happy. They challenge the hell out of you and you sometimes want to quit, but they don’t leave you full of regrets when you choose to stick with them. 

Fitness addicts have a problem with being hard on themselves because at the end of the day we just wanna be great. Our workouts are a prescription that keeps us sane and healthy mentally and physically. We understand that loving fitness is a mindset. If you don’t enjoy it it’s because your mind is not in the right place. I’ll just be blunt here – if you want to become fitness minded you must look at yourself in the mirror.

Mindset is everything. My mindset has been my solace through the struggle. Even though in my past I wasn’t nearly as consistent enough, wasn’t nearly as dedicated, wasn’t nearly as educated, didn’t think about fitness nearly as much, I noticed even three years ago when I first pushed myself to try something new, a light switch was coming on and I was building my foundation and didn’t even know it. I’m blessed that I came across a healthy way to push through my struggles. I hope you are able to find yours too.

One of my private struggles has to do with anxiety. Sometimes I feel like I shouldn’t be writing a blog or posting thoughts about my fitness journey. I’m not your typical fitness blog. The fitness industry is completely show and tell. Since I’m a private person, this is one of the hardest things for me to overcome. I don’t have a lot to show yet, but I can tell. As I grow, I hope to be able to do both. I say this to tell you that even if you feel like you are not full circle, who really is? Start your next challenge anyway. Be bold anyway. Follow your goals anyway. You may think it’s easy for me to write my thoughts on the internet but it’s not! It’s extremely out of my comfort zone, but I want the practice and I want to grow in this area.

If I were to tell you all that life constantly throws at me you probably wouldn’t believe me. 😅 I understand not everyone finds comfort and happiness in fitness, but I believe if you possess both a healthy mind and body anyone can. I feel that if you find another hobby that makes you feel whole, keep your health above all else and do something your future self will thank you for. I may think differently than people my age but this is my truth and I’m just living it.


Fitness is a journey. You will never be at a your final destination because there will always be something you can improve about yourself. Fitness is not just about physical health but spiritual and mental as well. I’m addicted to all elements of fitness and working on my issues and challenging myself is something I enjoy. Everyday I look deep inside myself and chisel away aspects of myself that I know can only make me better. I believe that getting into fitness is the perfect solution for likeminded women. If you need a constant challenge and a constant change getting into the fitness world will have you covered. You will find that your fitness activities will begin to activate the same areas in the brain that respond to pleasurable things. This is why we are called fitness addicts. 💪🏽😜

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