Gym Proof Hair Care

I’m a master at the gym hair game and I want you to be too. Depending on your hair type, going to the gym either brings you a bit of hell or it doesn’t bother you at all.

Let’s face it, we sweat enough on a daily basis just trying to get from point A to B. Enter humidity, wind, rain and sun — bye felecia! The preventable gym sweat can’t be worth it. Why spend precious time doing your hair every day to sweat it out at the gym? Washing your hair daily is just not an option! (You really shouldn’t. Click here to find out why.)

Someone like me having a good sweat proof hair routine is an accomplishment to say the least. I’m that girl that can’t do hair to save her life. Deliberate practice always has a good laugh at me.

I have naturally thick curly hair. This is important to mention because I most often wear my hair straight. When I sweat, my hair stays straight for the most part but my roots will begin to revert back to my curly hair by the end of the week. I truly don’t mind this because curly roots just means more volume for me. Heck yeah! 😉

By the end of the week, I notice excess frizz and dryness and that feeling of an impending expiration date signaling me to wash it again because the  “styling power” left, as I like to call it.

Hair to many women is either their crown or tied deeply to their identity. If you have anything other than naturally straight hair you are making a huge sacrifice when you decide to get physical. Keep in mind that things that are worth it are not easy. Your hair will be okay. Exercising not only increases our serotonin levels (the happiness hormone) but also blood flow and circulation to our skin and scalp. Exercising regularly has been one of my secrets for maintaining long healthy hair!

Here are some general hair care tips that work for me while I work my body!

  1. Have a strict hair routine.

    Being strict about your routine is the key to healthy hair. I shampoo, wash and straighten my own hair once a week. I make sure to use a moisturizing and color safe shampoo, conditioner and deep conditioner because my hair tends to be dry and is colored. If for some reason I need to wash my hair before the end of the week, I’ll wash with only a conditioner for more moisture and put my hair up in a curly bun for the rest of the week. I don’t add any excess products to my straight hair other than my holy grail Chi Silk Infusion almost daily. When I do my routine and I have somewhere to be that I wanna be “fresh” for, I will typically postpone my workout until later or I’ll go the next day. Let’s be real, it’s usually the next day because my gym closes at a certain time! The point is that I try to go as long as I can with dirty hair because that is what keeps it the healthiest. 

  2. The importance of flexibility. Things come up.

    Work stuff happen. Weddings happen. Weekends happen. I’ve learned to work with them rather than against them. When I’m at the one week mark but know I’m going to have to wear my hair clean for a particular event, I’ll  pull my dirty straight hair in a low ponytail or bun and tough it out for an extra day so I can have the freedom to look how I want when something comes my way. It’s not about sticking to a specific number of days, but being realistic and flexible when you have to stretch the limits of your hair. It’s all in the name of healthy hair at the end of the day. Through it all, I have to do my part in keeping the flat iron action to a minimum of once a week.

  3. Be creative

    Because I am a boring old lady, the only reliable hairstyles I know are la bun, la straightened and la pony. If you do have the gift to do hair, I encourage you to use that to your advantage. For example, I’ve been wanting to learn how to make a french braid so I can wear it to the gym. This is a great gym style because later after you take the braid out, you have some nice waves to play around with. I’m waiting for the perfect YouTube tutorial to teach me because I have yet to come across one. If you have one please comment below! The sky is the limit with this tip. I know some ladies that wear wigs because they just love not doing they hair daily and can get as sweaty as they want! Whatever your personal style is rock it and remember to find avenues to work on.

  4. Prevent what you can.

    It’s so important to invest in products that work for you and your hair type. Regardless of your hair type, I feel that everyone needs dry shampoo in their gym bag. I didn’t use it until recently because I didn’t like the sound of dry anything in my hair. I also thought it wouldn’t work with my hair type until I tried it. Dry shampoo is a must have preventative measure to suck up that excess sweat on your scalp from your workouts in my opinion. I spray it throughout my scalp and hair before working out and I notice my roots not being as sweaty. I also wear headbands to keep my hair pulled back and prevent the edges of my hair from going crazy curly while the rest is straight (curly girls you know the struggle!) I also tie my hair up in a high tight bun when I first do my hair and then eventually pony tail that thing when the week is coming to an end. Since I lift with a partner and our machine can get extra sweaty I’ll be sure to wipe down the bench between sets so my hair doesn’t make impact with the sweat puddle. Obvious right? It definitely wasn’t to me when I first started. I was always complaining about my hair frizzing right after the gym until I started wiping down benches.

As much as I love my hair looking fly every day of the week, sweat is a small price to pay for the physique I desire. I’m never going to quit working hard for my physical health. I hope these practical tips will help you enjoy your workouts and gym hair a little more this week.


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