50 Facts About Me | Gym Edition

I hate when I begin reading someone’s work, really like them and can’t find anything about them! I wanted to create a post to help you as a reader learn more about me!

I’ve got to admit, this week has been extremely hard for me in terms of motivation to workout. Just because I love fitness does not mean I am not human. My emotions, mood and daily responsibilities fluctuate and it’s up to me to decide if going out to sweat that day is a priority.

One of my personal barriers in getting to the gym is allowing other things in my life to become more important. I make excuses like…

“I’m going to make it home late and by the time I get home I just won’t have time. Heck! I still gotta eat!” 
“It’s gonna take an hour, I don’t really have an hour to spare.” 
“I don’t want to be hot and sweaty right now.” 
“I have to do ____, and ____ and ____ first.” 
“It’s raining and I don’t want to drive in it.” 
“I feel sick.” <——- MY CURRENT EXCUSE


It’s currently Wednesday, just got back from a workout and I hadn’t been to the gym since Sunday. That seriously hurt my heart! I felt terrible but I tried not to beat myself up too much about it. That’s the beauty of making your fitness goals your lifestyle and creating a journey. You are constantly learning about yourself and how badly you want to improve and what you just won’t tolerate anymore. You are constantly failing but it’s even more important to get right back up and make the next day count. If not the next day, the next day. I was determined to go workout today even though I didn’t feel well and I did it.

Miami will experience some terrible weather for the next couple of days because of the hurricane so I knew I had to get my workout in TODAY or suffer regret for the week. To be honest, I still don’t feel well but I never regret a workout!

Anyway, I made up these questions myself. These are questions I would most likely be interested in asking another gal on a fitness journey. Hope you enjoy! Ok. Leggo!

  1. Where do you have your current gym membership? LA Fitness.
  2. What’s in your gym bag? A camelbak water bottle, resistance bands, weightlifting belt, gloves, skullcandy headphones and spray deodorant.
  3. What is your gym bag? Red Nike drawstring bag. Not my top choice but it works and washes easily.
  4. Do you use gym showers? No I prefer to use my shower at my house.
  5. Early morning or evening workout? I would love to go early in the morning but currently stick to evenings. Around 6pm is perfect for me. On weekends I usually go between 12-3pm.
  6. Do you use the gym lockers? No I prefer to keep my bag close by my side.
  7. Do you always wipe down your machines when you finish? Honestly, only if there is a visible amount of sweat when I’m done. Otherwise, I let it evaporate and move on to the next thing. I tried wiping down a leg press machine today and the guy taking it after me was like “No it’s okay it’s not that bad” when I offered to wipe it down first before he used it. *Shrugs.* 
  8. Least favorite body part to work out? Currently legs and abs (although I should seriously be focusing on both more than I am to shape them up.)
  9. Favorite body parts to workout? Chest, shoulders, arms, back. UPPER BODY OKAY!?
  10. Favorite gym accessory?  I wish I can say my Powerbeats 2 wireless headphones BUT they broke on me recently and have to wait to buy more quality headphones BUT I almost always wear an Under Armor or Nike headband so my hair doesn’t get crazy so that would be my favorite accessory.
  11. Favorite gym shoes? I wear regular running shoes to the gym and take them off when I squat because of the curvature. I have Brooks Brothers and Asics. I would love some Converse in the near future though.
  12. Favorite workout brand? Under Armor. Sorry not sorry, Nike! Lol.
  13. Favorite workout socks? Again Under Armor athletic socks but I get the mens kind! They are so comfy.
  14. Do you take pre-workout? Yes! I need the caffeine boost often. I even take it on days when I don’t workout to get a caffeine boost cuz I don’t like coffee like that. I usually don’t like taking pre-workouts with a bunch of ingredients in them, I feel like I’m on drugs! Lol I stick to my favorite on the market PurePump by Do Vitamins. It tastes nasty on its own but I take it as a shot then gulp it down with water or mix it with Simply Lemonade, orange juice or another flavored drink. I don’t have those around often so plain ol’ WATER. 😜
  15. Do you workout by yourself or with a gym partner? I usually workout with my boyfriend. We have the same schedule and share a vehicle so it works out. Once we get to the gym we usually put our headphones in and go our separate ways so it’s like carpooling then working out alone. The most helpful thing is that we can spot each other when we need it. Sometimes I look across the room and we make faces at each other so that’s fun.
  16. Do you wear gloves? Currently no, although I used to. I’ve been into feeling the bar with my bare hands lately. I have callused hands that don’t feel so pretty so I’m gonna go back to gloves soon!
  17. Do you always go to the same gym or do you like to switch it up? I love to switch it up! I go to one location during the weekday because it’s hidden and barley anyone goes there. I also almost never have to wait for machines! Weekends or off days I go between 3 farther locations from my house for a change of scenery.
  18. Music or nah? Music is a must for me. When I don’t have music in the gym I get hella distracted and feel like I’m not “in the zone.” It’s so important for me to be able to concentrate on myself and my gainz and zone everyone else talking, grunting, weight dropping, other gym music etc.
  19. As a female in the weight room are you ever intimidated? I sure used to be. Having music and zoning out helps. I mainly felt intimidated when I first started lifting because when my form was off or I didn’t know what I was doing I didn’t want a guy feeling like I was playing around/ hogging a bench or was a damsel in distress. When I know what I’m doing it’s not intimidating. Now I have guys talking around me saying “Dang she’s strong do you see that!?” Feels great!
  20. Do you do cardio? I absolutely hate cardio and used to have a routine of doing HIIT after a light workout for about 10-15 min. I’m going to start getting back into this routine because inevitably it’s important for me to incorporate to reach my goals. I’ve been solely focusing on strength training as of late.
  21. Favorite cardio routine? HIIT on the treadmill or simply running outside.
  22. Proudest moment in the gym? Usually when I surprise myself with how heavy I can lift. The other day I did a dumbell bench press with 45lb weights in each hand for a good 5-8 reps. I never thought I could do that let alone 15lbs when I started.
  23. Do you have a workout playlist? Yes I listen to Spotify and prefer to make my own. I like to listen to hip hop/remixes of songs. Usually more fast paced music helps me crank out and pace my reps.
  24. Fitness inspiration? These ladies on Instagram give me the most fitness inspiration! Check them out! @littleandfit_ @minimyraa @madlymish @_tfitty_ @liftliketiff @katyhearnfit 
  25. How long do you usually work out for? No more than an hour. All my workouts are usually 1 hour long. I’m not a gym rat!
  26. Have you even been hit on at the gym? Yes, and that is where those headphones come in handy.
  27. What do you usually wear to the gym? I stick to tights, running shorts and tank tops. All either Nike, Under Armor or Gym shark. I would love to start adding Lululemon to my collection but it’s hard for me to drop so much money at one time because they are expensive. It would make a nice gift though *hint, hint* 
  28. Gym wish list? Always new workout clothes, a workout watch like a Polar A300  because I wanna start tracking the calories I burn in a day and my steps. Also some fire weightlifting shoes.
  29. How many times a day do you go to the gym? 1 time is all I need for a day. I don’t like “living in the gym.” I’m in and out and then if I want more activity I can go outside and run.
  30. Favorite physical activities other than the gym? What else is there? Lol okay bike riding. 
  31. What fitness regimen would you like to get into next? Powerlifting and cross fit.
  32. Favorite gym hairstyle? The classic ponytail.
  33. Must have gym hair item? Dry shampoo! I use this brand from Sally’s.
  34. How often do you wash your hair since you sweat so much? Usually once a week sometimes twice a week when it’s a very hot week! 
  35. After gym skin care routine? A skin routine is important in general but especially while working out. I use the Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Foaming Cleanser with the Mia 2 Clarisonic and immediately after, the Neutrogena Rapid Clear Stubborn Acne Cream Cleanser. I may also throw on a face mask or scrub to feel extra productive. 
  36. Favorite protein shake? I don’t have a favorite but I tried a sample of the Quest peanut butter shake and it was BOMB so I’m going to go back and buy it. I love peanut butter flavored anything!  
  37. Favorite store to buy your supplements? Other then Amazon, Vitamin Shoppe.
  38. Favorite guilty pleasure protein bar? Vega Sport plant based protein bar and Snickers Marathon protein bar.
  39. Favorite pre workout meal? CHIPOTLE.
  40. Favorite post workout meal? CHIPOTLE.
  41. What supplements do you take? I take Fish oil, vitamin B12, a multivitamin, vitamin D, creatine (5g) daily in the morning.
  42. What would you tell someone just starting a fitness journey? Start somewhere, start anywhere. You don’t need to go big then go home to change your body. Do something that makes you happy but also do it consistently! Focus on what you can do. Not what you can’t do.
  43. Something you can get better at? Foam rolling, stretching and fueling my body adequately before and after workouts consistently. Sometimes taking the time to care for myself is a challenge! 
  44. Do you yoga? No but I have a yoga mat for foam rolling so I can definitely start.
  45. What do you do when you feel unmotivated to do anything? I usually look up my inspirations on Instagram to see their latest posts or go on my explore page and watch all of the fitness accounts.
  46. Basic or upgraded gym membership? BASIC BASIC BASIC. #thebudgetlife
  47. Smell good spray after the gym? Any Victoria secret spritz is nice.
  48. Favorite sports bra? New Balance or Under Armor, basically anything that is not too padded and really flexible.
  49. Do you sauna? Not really. I only go there when my boyfriend mentions that we haven’t been for a while.
  50. Wish you would do but too lazy to do? Run more 5ks in Florida!

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